“Unveiled”: Princess Diana’s Secret ‘Backup’ Wedding Dress in Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Photo

Princess Diana, in preparation for her momentous walk down the aisle, left no style possibility unexplored, going so far as to have a second wedding dress!

Elizabeth Emanuel, known for her collaboration with ex-husband David in designing Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress, has revealed a previously unseen photo of the backup gown. The “spare” dress was ingeniously created as a precaution in case any information about the real dress was leaked. Made from pale ivory silk taffeta, the gown features intricate embroidered scalloped patterns on the hem and sleeves, complemented by delicate pearl embellishments on the bodice. This newly shared image has given the world a glimpse of the meticulous craftsmanship behind this historic piece.

Despite being similar in some aspects, the extra ensemble featured more fitted sleeves and slightly subdued ruffle details on the V-necklines and arm openings compared to the voluminous-sleeved gown that Princess Diana eventually wore to marry the future King Charles in July 1981.

In their efforts to safeguard the secrecy of the real dress, the designers, Elizabeth Emanuel and her ex-husband David, went to great lengths. They meticulously prepared the backup gown, but it remained unfinished, serving as an insurance policy against any potential design leaks to the media before the highly anticipated wedding day of Princess Diana. To further mislead and divert attention, they ingeniously disposed of misleading fabrics in the garbage intentionally, a clever strategy unveiled by Matthew Storey, the curator of the Royal Style in the Making exhibit. These extraordinary measures taken by the designers exemplify the dedication and intricacy involved in crafting such an iconic and historic wedding dress.

Princess Diana, of course, never tried on the second dress. Its current whereabouts remain a mystery, even to the designer herself. Elizabeth expressed her bewilderment, stating that it simply disappeared.

As Princess Diana walked down the aisle at St. Paul’s Cathedral on her wedding day, she mesmerized everyone in her ivory and silk taffeta gown, exquisitely embellished with antique lace that had once been worn by Queen Mary. The sheer magnificence of the gown was further accentuated by its awe-inspiring train, which stretched an incredible 25 feet behind her, setting a record as the longest train ever worn by a British royal bride. The responsibility of handling this extraordinary train fell upon the bridesmaid, India Hicks, who vividly recalled the delicate balance they had to maintain while walking down the aisle, ensuring the train remained regal and flawless throughout the momentous occasion. Princess Diana’s wedding dress remains an iconic symbol of elegance and grace, forever etched in history as one of the most memorable royal bridal ensembles of all time.

Princess Diana’s exquisite gown held two hidden treasures, discreetly adding meaningful touches to her wedding ensemble. A delicate blue bow was artfully incorporated, symbolizing her “something blue,” while a dainty gold horseshoe discreetly offered her good luck on her special day. The enchantment continued with her custom tulle veil, meticulously hand-stitched with an astounding 10,000 micro-pearls. As she gracefully walked down the aisle, the veil created a mesmerizing “fairy dust effect,” adding an ethereal touch to her appearance. The gown’s sequins, too, added to the enchantment, reflecting light and lending a sparkling allure to this iconic bridal ensemble. Princess Diana’s wedding attire truly captured the essence of romance and elegance, making it a cherished symbol of timeless beauty and grace.

To complete her stunning bridal look, Princess Diana adorned her head with the cherished Spencer Tiara, a family heirloom with a rich history. This exquisite tiara had graced the heads of her sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, on their own wedding days, as well as that of her former sister-in-law, Victoria Lockwood. With this significant piece of her family’s heritage atop her head, Princess Diana added a touch of elegance and sentimentality to her already enchanting wedding ensemble, making her entrance into St. Paul’s Cathedral even more memorable and regal.

In their meticulous preparation for the wedding day, the Emanuels took extra precautions by crafting an additional skirt, just in case any spills were to occur. As fate would have it, Princess Diana accidentally spilled some perfume on her dress, but the spare skirt remained untouched. In a stroke of brilliance, makeup artist Barbara Daly came to the rescue, advising Diana to gracefully lift the front of her dress as she walked down the aisle, cleverly concealing the spot where the perfume had spilled. With this ingenious solution, Diana’s poise and elegance were preserved, and her radiant aura remained unblemished throughout the momentous occasion. The attention to detail and quick thinking by the wedding team ensured that the princess looked flawless on her special day.

As a contingency for London’s unpredictable weather, a matching parasol was also prepared, ensuring that every detail was meticulously considered for Princess Diana’s unforgettable wedding day.

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