Child was born with thick hair and surprised everyone

He became famous thanks to his hair

Bobby gained popularity at the age of 5 months thanks to his unusually thick hair. The baby’s mother explained, that she had to dry his hair every day with a hairdryer.

Rachel Carter, the mother, mentioned, that Bobby started boasting his hair still in her womb. At first, the doctors thought she was going to have a girl.

“When he was born, obstetricians were in shock and even called their colleagues to come and see this miracle”, told Rachel laughing.

The mother says her son is always in the spotlight whenever they go out in public. Bobby is already used to being a popular personality.

Later, the mother also told that she has to wash his hair every day.

“When I let the hair dry naturally without the hairdryer, he ends up looking like Wolverine. Bobby loves his hair and constantly touches it while sleeping”, explained the woman.

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