Millionaire learned something strange about his family

The fairytale turned into a detective story in one day

Here is a millionaire that lived with his wife for 20 years but knew nothing about her big secret.

Richard had always considered his family a perfect one. However, one day their fairytale turned into a real detective story. 20 years later he found out that none of their children were actually his own.

Richard Mason had already accumulated 10 million pounds by the age of 55. His success came with proper investments in the right products. In this way the man had an opportunity to spend much more time with his family.

Kate Mason, in her turn, perfectly played her role as a housewife. There were three sons in the family.

One day the man went to a regular check-up, which completely changed his life. The doctor informed Richard, that he was unable to ever have a child. He was in shock and couldn’t go back home for several hours.

“I felt like a film character. I have been raising someone else’s children for 20 years! How could this happen?”, said Richard in his interview.

His wife didn’t deny anything and immediately agreed to divorce.

Kate admitted that she had been seeing another man during all those years, but refused to say his name. The spouses finally divorced. Two of the children never wanted to see him again. However, the third one admitted that he still accepted Richard as his real father.

It took the man three years to mentally recover from such a heartbreak. Soon Richard married again and the woman promised to always loyal to her husband.

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