Olivia de Havilland called her sister a lady-dragon

The greatest sibling rivalry in Hollywood

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine were sisters and legendary Hollywood actresses.

They both were successful in their careers. However, the sisters were famous for their great sibling rivalry in Hollywood. This rivalry had begun long before they started acting in films. Everything started when their father left his family to be with his lover.

Lillian de Havilland, their mother, married George Fontaine. Joan accepted the man and got closer to him, unlike her sister Olivia. De Havilland could not bear the appearance of a new man in their family.

The sisters were teenagers when all this happened and their rivalry started. It’s a common thig for siblings to have some arguments, but they very soon make up. But the quarrel between de Havilland and Fontaine reached another level. At the age of 9, one of the sisters even tried to kill the other one. According to Fontaine, Olivia had broken her collarbone.

In 1942, shortly before the Oscar, Life magazine published an article about this great rivalry between the sisters. This caused a public quarrel between Hollywood sisters.

Both sisters were nominated for Oscars, so now a race began for the victory.

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