Two-legged dog finally found another dog like her

They very quickly became close friends

Ihop is a dog that was born with two legs only. Her owners decided to put her to sleep. They thought that a dog with only two legs was useless and wanted to get rid of her.

However, Duke and Steph didn’t mind a two-legged dog to be a part of their family. Ihop quickly got used to the new environment. She still needed to learn how to move around the house.

And one day the spouses brought another dog to the house. It was Millie, who later became a good friend for Ihop. Their friendship made Ihop think that she was not special among the other dogs. Millie had a similar problem as Ihop. But she recovered at the age of 10.

She had got into a terrible accident, which resulted in her disability to walk. In addition, her eyes differ from each other. Duke and Steph wanted to take care of the poor dog until the last days of her life.

Then the two dogs met each other and developed a special bond between them. Soon Millie started walking!

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