Kylie Jenner and her strange behavior in the reality show

Her behavior surprised almost all her fans

In 2022, Kylie Jenner got in a scandal because of her strange behavior. Fans reacted quite angrily to the video of Kylie and her mother leaving a story in May, 2022.

In the video, Kylie was talking about how she never does ordinary things during the Kardashian reality show. She asked her mom to do ordinary things with her which scared Chris. To the question what her intentions were, Kylie answered that she wanted to feel completely normal during her pregnancy.

Jenner liked her idea and told that they hadn’t been in a grocery store for decades. Chris and Kylie went to a supermarket in Malibu and Kylie wanted to carry the groceries. After they finished with the shopping, Kylie mentioned that she liked every minute spent there.

The audience of the reality show started criticizing the duo.

A month later fans started criticizing Kylie even more. Her cook revealed on TikTok what Kylie does for the reality show on daily bases. It surprised her fans, that the young billionaire needed someone’s help in basic matters, such as cooking. Many remembered Kylie showing off her culinary anilities in 2021, making a pizza with her daughter Stormy.

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