Beautiful yellow feathers of these birds delight everyone

This bird also has a beautiful voice

Serinus Canaria, mostly known as Atlantic canary or wild canary, is a bird of greenish-yellow, sometimes even blue color.

It reaches 10-12cm in height and 15g in weight on average. Males have predominantly yellow-green body and yellow head. Abdomen and tail are usually white, sometimes with black stripes. Wings are dull yellow. Upper body is dark green.

Females look like males, only the head and chest are of slightly dull color.

Most young birds are brown with black stripes. These birds inhabit the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira. They make their nests on pine trees and are mostly found in places with less trees such as gardens and parks.

Serinus Canaria feeds on seeds, herbs and figs. They eat various plants and sometimes insects.

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