Having experienced coronavirus, this man donates his plasma to save other lives

On March 6, a 36-year-old American named Jason Garcia felt unwell. He had high fever, dry cough and he began to have headaches. Jason works as an aerospace engineer. That day he didn’t go to work, as he was afraid he had caught coronavirus.

The man decided to stay at home and call an ambulance. The medic on duty analyzed the symptoms that Jason had mentioned and suggested him to test for coronavirus. Soon the doctor got the results and informed the man that he had COVID. Jason immediately moved into a room, away from his wife and 11-month-old daughter. For 10 days he communicated with his family only on the internet, tried not to get out of the room. In short, he was in quarantine. On March 18, he stopped coughing, and on March 23, doctors told he could get out of quarantine.

According to the rules, the quarantine should last 72 hours, but the man, worrying about his daughter’s health, delayed it for 120 hours.

He enjoyed the company of his wife and baby daughter for several days. Then he got a message from his doctor, that they needed someone who had already experienced the virus. It turned out that doctors had developed an experimental treatment for seriously ill patients that needed to be tested. Jason contacted one of the hospital representatives and made an appointment.

On April 1, the man went to hospital. There they took blood plasma from him. They injected the blood plasma to three patients on the verge of death.

On April 5, Jason got an e-mail from the hospital. It said, that after the injection, the condition of the patients had improved significantly. Soon the patients stopped using medication, but still they stayed in hospital. . They began to breathe without the help of the device and gradually returned to normal life. The head physician of the hospital told this himself.

Jason said he was very happy to help people  in this difficult time. He promised to donate plasms until doctors invented an effective treatment.

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