Photographer adopted a girl from Somalia

The sad eyes of the girl affected the man

John Carey is a famous American photographer. He uses photography to show life around the whole world in expressive images.

John managed t travel almost half the world trying to find interesting people and phenomena. And one day he ended up in Somalia.

The country is known for extreme poverty. People here live in terrible conditions. John noticed a little girl sitting on the ground when he was wandering the streets. The sad eyes of the girl affected the man. He took some photos of the beautiful girl, then started looking for her parents and relatives.

John found out that the girl had long been lonely on the streets and fed on whatever compassionate people gave her. The photographer couldn’t leave her alone in such conditions and decided to adopt her. He wanted to make the child happy and provide her with everything necessary.

It was not an easy thing to do. John had to work really hard on adoption paperwork. However, he never gave up and did everything necessary. In the end, John returned to the States together with the little girl.

20 years have already passed since that day. And here is how much the poor girl has changed over the years. Her loving father is really proud of her.

What if John didn’t pay attention to the girl back then? Her fate would’ve been a horrible one!

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