Girl born with no legs became famous due to her confidence

She never gave up on walking and in the end succeeded

Very often we hear people complaining about their lives. However, there are people in the world that are born with disabilities and still manage to succeed in life.

Meet Jennifer Bricker – a girl that was born with no legs.

The girl’s family was afraid of taking such a huge responsibility, so they left the child in the hospital. But Jennifer had a strong will and it helped her now only learn to move around the house, but also something more!

Although her family had left her all alone, Jenny was lucky and had a normal childhood. Shortly after her birth, a couple from Illinois adopted Jennifer.

Sharon and Gerald considered Jennifer an ordinary child. They took proper care of her and even found a specialist who could help the girl.

The spouses raised Jennifer teacher her to love and accept herself the way she was. At first, her parents decided to buy prosthesis for her. But Jennifer couldn’t get used to them and gave up on them. However, Jenny never gave up on walking. Very soon she learnt to walk with the help of her hands and hips.

Moreover, Jennifer liked to play outdoor games with some of her friends. Believe it or not, the girl leant to play basketball!

Since childhood, Jennifer has been a very active and friendly child. Dominique Moceanu, an American gymnast, has been her inspiration. She wanted to learn some techniques and her parents supported her in everything.

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