“Pirate Cat” is no longer embarrassed of her appearance

This cat with a pirate face finally stopped hiding

Jen was working in the City Dogs and City Kitties Rescue shelter in Washington when she came across a cat with an eye disorder.

Although the cat had only one eye, he still managed to achieve great results. Over time he got used to his surroundings. Jen adopted the cat and named him Uno. At that time he was 6 weeks old.

Uno was still recovering after his surgery and needed constant help.

Jen’s husband didn’t mind the cat and even helped Jen take care of him. Uno finally got a chance to enjoy his life.

He likes to be alone in his room with proper food and a comfortable bed. Uno enjoys when his foster parents pet him. At first he was anxious because the house was a new environment for him. Jen helped him adapt to the house.

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