Professor’s reaction to his student’s child crying

If only we had many professors and teachers like him

Here is a photo of a Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor holding a child in his arms during one of his lectures. The photo went viral on the Internet making everyone wonder what the deal was.

This professor is Sydney Engelberg. He has 45 years of experience and now teaches in the MA. This is why he has a good number of adult and even elderly students.

His daughter explains: “There are many single mothers in my father’s lessons. So, he always tells them to bring their children to classes with them”.

And one day, one of the children of his student started crying during the lecture. The mother was about to leave the room, when the professor took the child in his arms and went on with his lecture. He acted as if nothing had happened.

Sydney is a 67-year-old professor and he makes sure his students feel comfortable in his lectures. However, when his photo went viral on the Internet, Sydney got really surprised. He considers such treatment completely natural.

“My father not only teaches theoretical facts on his studies, but also human values. This is a great message that my father wants to convey to the whole world”.

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