Interesting bird with a spectacular appearance

This bird has been evaluated as Least Concern thanks to their large population

Sultan tit is a forest bird with a spectacular appearance and a beautiful singing voice. Its yellow color helps them stand out among all the other birds in the forests. Melanochlora Sultan reaches about 17 cm in height.

Males have canary-yellow crown with a crest. His lower body plumage is yellow just like the rest of the body except for the head, neck, chin and throat. These parts of the body are dark green.

Females are of dull yellow color and the dark body parts are green-brownish.

Four subspecies of Sultan tit inhabit  Nepal, Eastern Himalayas, Myanmar, North Thailand and Southern China. They prefer lowlands, are very sociable birds and differ from any other tit in size and plumage. Sultan tit prefers to stay on the crown of trees where they can join other birds.

This bird feeds mostly on caterpillars, and sometimes might ear berries too. The breeding season is from April to July. The female lays up to 7 eggs at a time in the nest, which is usually in the hollow of the tree. Sultan tit is evaluated as Least Concern, thanks to the wide area of their natural habitat and large population.

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