Unbelievable story!: Girl accidentally found out she was a missing child

Some cases of missing children are still unsolved

This 7-year-old girl’s life turned upside down after going to grocery shopping. She saw something surprising on the milk box and asked her father to buy it. Little did the man know what to expect.

Bonnie Lohman had quite an unusual childhood. She spent most of her time moving to different places, like Saipan, Hawaii and Colorado. While her peers were going to school to learn to read and were playing outside, Bonnie had to stay at home with her parents.

As Bonnie grew older, she received a little more freedom and was allowed to play with the neighbor’s children. And one day she even went to grocery shopping with her dad where she came across the mi box that surprised her greatly.

The Photo On the Milk Box

Bonnie’s dad tried to cover the face on the box, but the girl asked him to let her keep the box and cut the photos. He didn’t argue with her, but asked Bonnie to keep it a secret. “I remember cutting the photo off the box and staring at it for a while”, said Lohman. She kept the photo in her box of toys. The problem is, Bonnie was really confused and didn’t know why her photo was on the milk box, because she couldn’t read.

Police Gets Involved

One day, after playing with the neighbor’s children, Bonnie forgot her toy box at their house. The neighbors accidentally came across the photo and acted immediately. They found out that Bonnie was, in fact, someone’s missing child.

Lohman later remembered the police breaking into their house and arresting her parents. Then she was taken to her biological father. Imagine how hard it was for the 7-year-old little girl to go through such a story. The man, whom she had accepted as her father, was actually her stepdad.

The Reunion

Bonnie, however, wasn’t really happy and filled with joy when she met her biological father. And this is not surprising. After all, she had never seen him and had no bond with him. It turned out, that her mother and stepdad kidnapped her when she was only 3 years of age.

“I was so scared because I didn’t know my biological dad. It was horrible!”, explained Bonnie crying. She missed her mom for a really long time, but very soon got used to her dad and even developed a strong bond with him.

Grateful For Her Life

While the girl was missing, Bonnie was deprived of the basic necessities of a child. She never went to school and never learnt to read and write. Fortunately, her biological father was ready to change everything for the better.

“Now I believe who I am, because I used to be missing and now I am found. I have a wonderful life now and i am grateful for it!”.

Another “Milk Carton Child”

Lohman was not the only child whose photo was found on a milk carton. There were actually thousands of children who went missing and whose photos later appeared on the milk boxes. Unfortunately, most of these children could never been found. And one of them was Johnny Gosch. In fact, Johnny was the first face to ever appear on a milk carton.

Jonny Gosch was from Iowa and disappeared in 1982. At first, local authorities didn’t completely believe that the child was missing. However, soon such cases kept occurring in the same area and more and more faces started to appear on milk cartons. This made the authorities pay much more attention to Johnny’s case.

Johnny’s case is still open.

Another Child Kidnapped By a Parent

Children went missing more often than we think, and the kidnapper is not always a stranger. Just like Bonnie Lohman, this child was also kidnapped by one of his parents. It was his father – Valentin Hernandez.

Steve Hernandez was kidnapped in 1995. He was taken from his mother, and the two reunited only 20 years later. Maria Mancia, Steve’s mother, never lost her hope and kept looking for her son. Finally, in 2016, she was able to see and hug her son once again.

Lohman’s and Steve’s stories encourage unhappy parents to never lose hope and always keep looking for their missing children.

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