“The best voice ever!”: Irish singer left everyone in a complete shock!

His voice amazed everyone, including the judges!

Brendan Murray appeared on the TV show “X Factor UK”, hoping to win one of the chairs in the show’s “six chair challenge”.

Singing has been Murray’s passion since his childhood and performing on a big stage was his dream. Judges wished him good luck, Brendan turned to face all the other contestants who had already taken the chairs. The guy had chosen the song “Everybody Hurts” buy R.E.M.

His voice amazed everyone, including the judges, from the very beginning of his performance. Even the other contestants started discussing his voice and performance in general. And when Brendan perfectly overcame the high notes, the contestants already figured out that one of them was going to give way to him.

Brendan managed to perfectly transfer the emotions in the song. That’s what exactly the songwriter wanted the audience to feel.

The audience and the judges give Brandan a standing ovation for his amazing performance. Simon Cowell himself was impressed by his performance and told that Brendan was in a different level than all the other contestants. Then one of the judges approached Murray and wanted to talk to him before pressing the button. Brendan was really happy and the audience was expecting to see him again on the stage with another wonderful performance.

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