Unreal Beauty in Nature! This bird has an unbelievable natural beauty

Mother Nature never fails to amaze us!

There are hundreds of unknown species of animals and birds on this planet that we need to see and study more often. Sometimes, it seems that the species that were once considered extinct reappear. Mother Nature will surely never fails to surprise us.

One of such species is this gorgeous bird called Carbonito de Sophie. It has a stunningly colorful plumage that attracts everyone. This species inhabit the vast taiga of Asia.

Leptopoecile sophiae can be found in China, India, Russia and the boreal forests. This little beauty seems to be wearing a blue coat with violet tones. The bottom part of its body is pink and the eyebrows are white or gray.

The males have the most beautiful plumage. Carbonito de Sophie usually weighs 6-8g and reaches 10cm in height. These birds live in pairs only during the breeding season. After that, they gather in flocks of up to 25 birds.

Carbonito de Sophie feeds on insects, spiders, seeds and berries.

This species is not extinct thanks to its nest-building method. It is really difficult to see the nest of this bird in the habitats thanks to its natural camouflage. Besides, there are no large predators that threaten the population of this species.

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