“Amazing photos!”: Photographer spent 10 years shooting wild hamsters

The photographer also raises awareness about endangered species!

Have you ever heard about wild hamsters? Julian Rad is one of the few people who know about hamsters in wild. For the past 10 years, he has been studying studying the exceedingly rare and restricted to a few European countries hamster species, known as the European Hamster.

No one can imagine how much time and effort the wildlife photographer has put in these incredible photos. Just take a look at these lovely wild hamsters!

In 2020, European hamster was classified as threatened across the board, which is one step away from extinction. Within the next 30 years, this species will, most probably, become endangered, according to the IUCN.

Julian and other wildlife photographers not only inform their viewers about the variety of species that exist on our planet, but also raise awareness about threatened and endangered ones.

And now we represent to you some of the best shots of Julian Rad during his 10 years of attempt photographing wild hamsters. Let’s agree, that Julian has a great talent!

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