“The woman was extremely emaciated”: Royal Palm Beach man charged with elderly abuse

One in ten elders are subject to abuse every year.

A Royal Palm Beach was was arrested last week for abusing an elderly couple that he was meant to take care of. 50-year-old Chris Gisonni is facing various charges, such as elderly abuse, elderly neglect and kidnapping.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies had to conduct a welfare check for an 82-year-old woman.

Alex Rodriguez, living across the street from Gisonni said: “Chris had his personal business outside the house, and might sometimes have a temper. The more you get to know people, you might start feeling better as who is around you. But there are also those you wonder who they are!”.

According to the deputies, Gisonni was confrontational and sometimes would drag the elderly woman to the window. In the end, the deputies were able to sneak inside and make the arrest!

According to the reports of the deputies, the woman was extremely emaciated, had high blood pressure and seemed to be suffering from dementia. The woman had bruises from the incident, was confused and depressed. Apart from the woman there was a 91-year-old man living in the house that was recently hospitalized with a brain bleed. The inside of the house was damaged and there was no food. Two loaded guns were found inside the house.

Lawyer Joe Landy said, that they receive calls about elderly abuse on daily basis. According to the lawyer, 1 in 10 elders are subject to abuse every year. 60% is because of neglect and abuse of family members.

A bond of $121,000 was set for Gisonni. The next hearing is scheduled for March 6.

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