“Island Life Experiment”: Man started living in a forest as a primitive man

He built a house with no modern tools

Chad Zuber moved to an uninhabited island 4 years ago and settled in a forest. The man started running a primitive life with no tools, medicine and grocery stores. However, the man still managed to build a house during this time.

Zuber is a popular travel blogger who has gathered a big audience thanks to his content about life in the wild. He traveled around several continents before coming up with his most protracted experiment – island life.

The man chose a remote part of a small island in Puerto Rico for his experiment. He kept an online diary with the help of satellite service. Every day he described his existence in the diary. The first month he lived under the overhang over stakes.

However, as the rainy season was approaching, Chad had to start building a more secure shelter. Lucky for him, the soil of the island was clayey and the man have almost all the necessary materials for construction. He chose a flat area and set off to work.

“In August 2017, I made my first clay brick. Four months later I already had 170 bricks. I built the walls of the house wit them”, wrote the traveler in his diary.

Chad had to feed on vegetables and the eggs of local birds. Then he built himself a bow and arrows and started hunting. He also managed to build a fishing rod and he no longer had any food problems.

Chad talked about the end of the experiment in his latest video. He took everything he wanted from the island and is planning to start new adventures.

Here is a video about his life in the wild!

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