“Neglected Animals”: Suffering animals were found in an abandoned building during a search warrant

The animals were struggling alive

45 pets in total were rescued from a property near Grand Junction Monday night. However, several others did not manage to survive. Officials says, that the rescued animals that were found alive, did not have any access to food and water. The reasons are still unclear.

According to the  Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office, the malnourished and unfortunate animals were not the main focus of the search warrant, that was carried out by the US Department of Homeland Security. As sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Rennhack later told, the office was doing perimeter security for the agency doing the search warrant, during which they came across emaciated animals that were struggling alive.

The officers managed to find 20 hens, 6 roosters, 5 ducks, 4 standard goats, 4 baby goats, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a billy goat. Apart from these suffering animals, another 13 animals were found dead (10 chickens and 3 goats).

Rennhack also added, that it seemed that no one had visited the building for a rather long time.

When federal agents and sheriff’s deputies arrived at the sight, no one appeared to be in the building. It is known, that an unnamed man was arrested in connection, but the main perpetrator is still wanted.

The rescued animals are now under the care of Van Buren County Animal Control. As soon as the animals get better and are ready for adoption, information will be posted on Van Buren County Animal Control Facebook page. Those interested can also call Van Buren County Animal Control at 269.621.4624 or stop by their facility at 58040 County Road 681 in Hartford.

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