“The Icon Is Back on Stage!”: Rihanna’s Super Bowl half-time performance became a greatest sensation

The singer had a surprise prepared for everyone

It is a tradition, that during the break of the final game of the US National Football League a world-famous performer entertains the audience. Until now, Lady Gaga, Madonna and a great number of other performers have taken up this responsibility.

In 2023, this role was passed to one of the most iconic singers the 21st century – Rihanna. She became the Queen of Super Bowl!

Rihanna’s performance was a great surprise not only for her fans, but also for her co-stars. After all, the artist got on stage for the first time in 5 years.

Cara Delevingne, a famous supermodel, ironically commented: “It’s strange that Rihanna’s concert is interrupted by a football game”. Then the well-known singer Adele stated that she attended the event for Rihanna’s performance, rather than the game. Paul McCartney, Bradley Cooper, Jay Z and many others were also present at the show.

Apart from her wonderful performance, the artist had prepared another very pleasant surprise. Rihanna proudly showed off her big rounded tummy, revealing to everyone that she is pregnant. This is her second pregnancy, shortly after the birth of her son. She was wearing a Loewe jumpsuit and Alaia jacket.

No need to mention that everyone was incredible happy for the news and they couldn’t get their eyes off of the legendary performer.

And now everyone is wondering whether the star will give another concert in the near future or not.

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