“The shelter was in a poor condition”: Animals found in New Haven Animal Shelter amid investigation

To think that any animal might not have the care that they need is just heartbreaking

A division of the New Haven police department found animals in poor conditions settled in New Haven Animal Shelter. They needed proper care, so the police pulled them from the shelter.

One of the animals is a Pitbull Terrier named Snow White, who is now in safe hands in The Animal Haven in North Haven. The poor dog arrived at the shelter emaciated and with sores. She is now undergoing a proper treatment.

The manager of  The Animal Haven’s shelter Michelle DeRosa said: “From the pictures of when she got there as a stray – she looked like a different dog”.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture, having heard about the issues, requested an inspection of the New Haven Animal Shelter. The request ended up failing the main investigation. New Haven city officials are assuring that measures are being launched to make sure issues like this will not happen again. The shelter is a division of New Haven Police Department. New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson said that usually some dogs come to the police department in poor health.

According to Jacobson, the animal control officer had been transferred out of the position. A new official has taken the role along with  two part-time officers and four civilians. An internal affairs investigation has been launched to uncover what happened.

There are also concerns about the shelter. New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker has stated that money has already been allocated to it.  Elicker visited the shelter on Tuesday to estimate the situation himself.

“We used to have a dog at home, and I loved that dog more than anything. To think that any animal might not have the care that they need is just heartbreaking”, said the Mayor.

Watch the report below to find out more about the issue!

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