“The View is canceled!”: Elon Musk bought ABC and canceled the famous Chat show

The whole cast is going to be terminated

As you already know, Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter. The investor has expended his media empire with $37.5 billion bill to buy ABC from Walt Disney. Details are unknown. however, Disney is believed to have already accepted the deal.

Disney has recently faced some financial difficulties, mostly because of consumer boycotts of its theme parks, associated with woke culture and the LGBTQ community. This caused a decrease in the average number of Disney visitors, leading Disney to financial issues.

As the new CEO of ABC, Elon Musk has already stated his top priorities. He is willing to bring back balance to the American media and fight the influence of the far left Hollywood elite. His first step in this plan is to cancel the famous chat show “The View” and terminate the entire cast, Whoopi Goldberg among them. His intentions are to replace the show with a variety show aimed at a more mainstream audience, featuring musicians and commentary on media and Hollywood by conservative actors.

It is still unclear how this change will impact the various lawsuits against “The View”. Kyle Rittenhouse has hinted at the possibility of dropping his suit against Whoopi Goldberg if he is made host of the new show.
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