“Five of them didn’t survive”: 51 animals were found in Monroe County

Officials heard the cries of dogs coming for the van

Monroe County deputies have found 51 animals that survived animal cruelty. 5 dog among them didn’t survive the crime. Three people are wanted in connection to this animal cruelty case. Monroe County deputies responded to the reports telling about several malnourished dogs in the property.

Officials mentioned that they heard the cries of dogs coming for the van that was completely covered with dirt and feces. Other animals, including the 5 dead dogs were found inside the building. Monroe County Animal Control assisted the officials to remove all the animals from the building. Apart from the 5 dogs, officials also found a bearded dragon, a cat, and a gecko not breathing.

Warrants were issued for 33-year-old Forsyth woman Nicole Woodard, 56-year-old Forsyth woman Lisa Stanzek, and 38-year-old Macon man Tony Adside.

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