“Skin-to-Skin”: Young boy helped his father warm his newborn twin siblings

This heartwarming family photo very quickly went viral!

Some time ago, Scandinavian maternity hospitals adopted a new method of infant breastfeeding. The method is known as “skin-to-skin“, and it appeared to be the best solution of all time. And after this method became popular, a photo from one of the hospitals immediately went viral on the Internet.

The picture depicts a dad warming one of the newborn twins and the other twin is in the arms of the little boy, in other words, their eldest brother.

The “skin-to-skin” method is usually used in the case of premature babies. The mom or the dad has to put the baby on their chest and warm them with their own body temperature.

This method turned out to be very effective for newborns. It calms the baby and gives it positive feelings. Moreover, the “skin-to-skin” method helps newborns overcome the post-birth stress more easily and recover quickly. This wonderful method has led to the increase of survival rate of premature infants weighing 1 to 1.5 kg from 30% to 70%.

When these two adorable babies were born, their parents wanted to do everything possible to hep them survive. The recovery process was surely accompanied with the constant help of doctors and nurses.

It turned out, that the 5-year-old son of the couple was more excited about the birth of his siblings, than the parents. he boy also wanted to help his siblings survive. And the hospital staff found it right to let the boy near the babies.

They thought that it would be better if the boy developed a loving bond between his siblings from a very young age. The boy was happy to help his siblings and he is going to love and protect them forever.

This is why the photo became so popular on the Internet!

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