“The most-awaited event”: Bermuda’s first celebrity golf tournament

The event will help emerging athletes advance in sports

Bermuda’s first celebrity golf tournament will kick off from April 26 to May 1 at Port Royal Golf Course. The event will include a week of golf-themed activities across the island, such as Black Golfers Week, which is scheduled to begin on April 27.

The celebrity golf tournament will host retired celebrities, including Olympic champion  Sugar Ray Leonard, MLB and NFL star Bo Jackson and New York Giants Hall of Fame player Lawrence Taylor.

Players will take part in a week of competition, helping to drive change on a global scale for the Bermuda local golf community. Officials also mentioned, that the event’s proceeds will benefit Bermuda’s Sports Pathway program. This is meant to help emerging athletes overcome barriers and advance in sports through sports tourism initiatives.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s interim CEO Tracy Berkeley said: “We are looking forward to our invited celebrity guests showcasing their love of golf while simultaneously indulging in our island’s enchanting appeal”.  The CEO has also encouraged “tourism partners” to support the event in any possible way.

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