“The oldest cat”: Woman adopted a kitten in 1988, but never expected him to become so famous

The cat is totally healthy and very strong

When in 1988, Michonne adopted this cute kitten, she never expected him to gain so much fame one day. He was a real miracle, that filled the life of hi owner with joy and happiness. 

Raga, the at, is still alive and is considered the oldest at in the world. He undergoes medical examinations every year, and vets claim that he is very strong and healthy. 

The cat is in a wonderful health condition, but is not as active as other cats. He doesn’t like t be in the center of attention and avoid human interaction. The main reason for such behavior is his old age. Raga is not young anymore and gets tired very quickly. He likes to sleep a lot. 

Michonne always keeps an eye on him and never leaves him all alone. The cat loves his owner the most, and enjoys her company. 

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