“Maternal bond between animals and humans”: Mother introduces her newborn to a gorilla in the zoo

The two mothers proved that maternal bond is the most adorable thing in the world

One day, a mother decided to take her newborn baby to the zoo. And when they reached the cage of the gorillas, a mother gorilla decided to bring her own child too. These two mothers proved, that maternal bond is the most adorable and purely beautiful thing in the world.

The human mother filmed the meeting and posted it online, which very quickly went viral. Emma, the baby’s mother was perplexed by the lovely meeting.

The gorilla that came to adore the baby human was Kioki. Emma mentioned that she stood behind the window, waved at them and looked at the baby for around 5 minutes.

It took the couple a while to understand what the gorilla was doing, then the mother raised Palo, the baby, to show him to Kioki. Palo was sleeping the whole time, but Emma and her family returned to the zoo one more time to visit Kioki and her cub. Besides the newborn, Emma also had 4 daughters.

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