“Breaking a Decades-Old Tradition”: The red carpet will not be red this year!

Is there going to be any trouble during the event?

The red carpet is the main symbol of the premieres and awards shows in the entertainment industry. However, this year the Academy Awards have decided to try something new for the 95th Oscar.

Jimmy Kimmel stood outside Dolby Theater, LA, as the Academy unveiled the champagne carpet instead of the traditional red one. The red carpet dates back to 1961, the 33rd annual ceremony.

People started worrying whether it meant there was going to be any trouble this year or any violence. host Jimmy Kimmel rushed to answer that, hopefully, nothing like that will happen. The decision to change the red carpet with a champagne-colored one shows how confident everyone is that “no blood will be shed”.

According to Associated Press, Lisa Love of Vogue and Met Gala creative director Raúl Àvila are the main brains behind this decision to completely change the color of the carpet. In one of her interviews about the color changing, Love mentioned that they wanted to make the event a night event instead of a day event.

The Oscars has always had a problem with this, because the event starts early in the day with sun and heat. The guests arrive in evening dresses, although it’s only 4p.m..

Lisa Love also mentioned that the carpet is not actually expected to stay champagne-colored for the future events, but it is also not completely impossible. And it is still going to bear the name “red carpet”, because the expression itself has a close connection to the events.

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