“The spark of joy in her eyes!”: Kate Middleton shared a rare family photo of Elizabeth II

Nobody has ever seen the late Queen like this

The late British Queen Elizabeth II was well known for her good manners and reserved behavior in public. But the Royal Family has recently shared a surprising story from the Queen’s youth.

It turns out, that Elizabeth II was also a talented performer and she organized a spectacular play on the famous fairy tale “Aladdin” long ago.

The performance was organized for the Queen’s close family. Among the performers were the Queen’s youngest sister Princess Margaret and Prince Philip, who was later going to be the Queen’s betrothed.

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton publicly showed the photo of the Queen and her family, showing Her Majesty on stage.

Marion Crawford, the governess, was also present that evening and witnessed the whole performance. She mentioned the spark of life and happiness in Elizabeth’s eyes. She had never seen her so happy before.

Kate Middleton also revealed that she often organizes such performances for her children.

The Queen’s performance is a proof that even the most reserved and proper people an also have some fun with their closest ones, and can show their wildest side to them. This is also reminder to have fun at any age!

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