“Good News!”: Dozens of animals adopted at Indianapolis shelter after plea for help

The shelter will keep working tirelessly, as long as there are animals in need of their help

Indianapolis Animal Care Services came up with an announcement, that if dozens of animals weren’t adopted over the weekend, they would be forced to euthanize some of the dogs.

Sunday night, IACS shared some good news: 24 animals had been adopted by the end of the weekend, 6 animals returned to their previous owners. Another 34 animals will leave the shelter to join their new families during the week.

However, as IACS notes, there are always going to be animals in need coming to the shelter, so the business is not done yet. The shelter will keep working tirelessly, as long as there are animals that need their help.

If you are still not sure whether you want a pet or not, the shelter has developed a fostering program, which allows you to keep the animal you want in your house for 2 weeks. This time period is enough to make up your mind and decided if you want to adopt them or not.

If you have a pet but want to leave it, try to rehome your pet before dropping them at the shelter. IACS also has programs for those pet owners, who cannot afford pet food and veterinary care in current conditions.

If you happen to find a lost pet, try to look for and find its owners on your own, instead of dropping them at a shelter. Visit a vet clinic to have the dog’s microchip scanned, if available.

IACS takes pets in only with appointments.

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