“Unique Families”: Twin brothers married twin sisters and had twin babies

It was quite unlikely that the couples would have identical twins!

In Twinsburg, Ohio, an unusual festival is being organized every year, since 1976. This is an event where identical twins gather and get to know each other.

In 1998, Craig and Mark Sanders visited this festival. That year 36 pairs of twins were present at the festival. And no one could imagine that this event would give rise to 2 different families at the same time.

Darlene and Diana Nettmaye twin sisters were also present there. The Sanders first met the Nettmaye sister in the lobby of the hotel. Mark immediately noticed blonde Darlene. Mark called his brother to show him the girls, at Craig immediately liked Diana. What a perfect match!

Soon the couples began dating. Their first date was in St. Louis. After a while, the couples decided to get married on the same day.

The father of the twin sisters was the happiest among the guests. After all, he was walking both of his daughters to the altar on the same day!

After the wedding, the couples bought two neighboring houses that shared the same garden. But the unexpected events of this story do not end here!

Diana was the first to get pregnant. As both Diana and her husband were identical twins, it was quite unlikely that they would have identical twins too. The chance of such a birth is 1 in a million!

Still, in 2001, Craig and Diana welcomed identical twins to their family. The spouses named them Brandy and Coldy. A year later, Diana’s twin sister also gave birth to identical twins. But this is also not the end!

Currently, the two families together have 10 children. The women gave birth to one child only once in 3 pregnancies. These “only” children are Diana’s middle son and Darlene’s youngest son.

These unique families are often invited to talk shows, because the whole world wants to learn about their story!

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