“I Didn’t Have a Plan”: Lucy Liu decided to welcome a baby in her 40s

Becoming a mom is a dramatic change

Lucy Liu announced her decision to become a single parent, although she didn’t have any plans. Her 7-year-old son, named Rockwell, was born in 2015.

The 54-year-old actress mentioned, that her decision was instant. She hadn’t done any research or read any parenting books. She thought it would be better to have the child first, then she would figure everything out.

Liu also talked about raising a child in the urban environment, which she values for the “experience”. The actress wanted to raise her child in New York, believing that this way the child would see all the things while growing up.

Children need to learn what is safe and what is not, and they are going to understand that through experience. The actress decided on surrogacy, because she was too busy with work and didn’t know when she would be free. “It was the best solution for me and it turned out to be great”.

“Becoming a mom is a dramatic change. Once that happens, you don’t know what’s going to follow”.

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