“I can’t walk or sing”: Celine Dion left the stage because of a rare disease

She still hopes to return to the stage after the necessary treatment!

Celine Dion managed to capture the attention of the whole world in her younger years thanks to her amazing talent nd great singing skills. The singer is now 54 years old and has had a really successful career over the years.

No one could ever predict, that the artist would have to put her career on pause at the very height of success. And al because of a rare ailment that affects one person in a million.

It turns out, the artist suffers from a rare disease that causes involuntary muscle tension. \this makes a person unable to move or speak for some time.


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If not treated properly, the person with this disease might lose some vital abilities, such as walking or eating.

Celine Dion thanked all her fans for their support and apologized for canceling her European tour. She alos mentioned that she had high hopes of returning to the stage after the necessary therapy.

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