“They destroy people”: Fox News producer was fired for suing the network

A jury triel is going to take place in April

The former producer at Fox News went viral on the Internet accusing the Fox lawyers for forcing her to testify in its favor, while the network fights allegations of defamation from Dominion Voting Systems in court.

“They destroy people”, mentioned Abby Grossberg, adding that they made her say things that were putting her in a vulnerable position. The former producer accused Fox for forcing her to spread disinformation about the company.

Grossberg was fired last week. The producer mentioned that it was not her responsibility to fact-check claims. She also stated that she stayed in her position only to be able to “pay bills”.

Later, a spokesperson from Fox News pushed back on Grossberg’s statements. Fox News intends to defend the company agains Grossberg’s “unmeritorious legal claims”, noting that these are just false allegations against the network.

A jury triel is going to take place in April.

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