“Dog Rescue Story”: Bus driver risked everything to make these dogs happy at least for a short moment

Not everyone would make such a sacrifice!

While domestic pets are mostly living the best life in comfortable and warm beds, surrounded with loving people, there are aminals that spend their whole life on the streets, fighting for their life and trying to find some food on the cold streets. As humans, it is our responsibility to take care of these helpless animals, just like the hero of our today’s article did!

A bus driver from Buenos Aires risked his job and everything he had just to make these two stray dogs happy by letting them get into the bus. It is not allowed to let animals in any kind of public transportation means in Buenos Aires, but this man acted bravely, even though it was against the rules.

The poor animals were freezing and were in poor health conditions. They obviously needed help, even if it was something small. The bus driver couldn’t ignore the helpless animals and decided to make them a little happy. Some of the passengers captured the sweet monment on cameras and posted them online. Many animal lovers expressed their admiration and gratitude to the man and tried to find home for the animals.

As the video quickly spread on the Internet, the state authorities also saw it. They just warned the drivernot to do such a thing again. As this was the first time and the passengers were not bothered, the driver was not punished.

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