“Rescuers responded to two emergency calls”: Eight people rescued at Florida Panhandle beach

There is still a high chance for rip currents

Escambia County Fire Rescue received an emergency call on Thursday. They rescued 8 people at a Florida Panhandle beach. A great chance for rip currents in the are was predicted. By 2p.m. 3 adults and 4 children have been rescued from the water. Two of the children and one adult were immediately taken to hospital by LifeFlight.

Two hours after the rescue operation the rescuers responded to a second call about a person struggling in the water. It was later told that a stranger had helped the person out of the water before the rescuers arrived. He was also taken to hospital.

It is still unknown if the rip currents were the main reason for the accidents. National Weather Service has warned about a great chance for rip currents along the coastlines of Escambia and Santa Rosa.

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