“Investigation is ongoing”: 20-year-old woman was arrested for allegedly assaulting grandmother

The old woman is in a critical condition

Police reported a case about an elderly woman aged 85 who was beaten by her granddaughter. The granddaughter allegedly beat the woman with a back scratcher. The grandmother is in a critical state.

In the news report, the Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s Office revealed they had received a call about a woman with multiple injuries. According to the investigation results, a foul play was the main reason of the argument.

20-year-old Cecilia Ann Lee, the granddaughter, visited the old woman on April 4. It was the night of the attack. Soon the two women got into a fight.

Soon the police revealed some detailes about the crime: the suspect had struck the elderly woman with a wooden back scratcher and a picture frame, injuring the woman on head, arms, hands and torso. Moreover, the young suspect had damaged the grandmother’s phone, so that she could not call for help. After the fight, the granddaughter fell asleep on the couch of the victim’s house.

After a while, medical responders and authorities reached to the woman and took the victim to hospital. At the time of the news report, the elderly woman was in the ICU. Her condition was critical but stable.

Cecilia Ann Lee was taken into custody. She got a bond set at $1,067,500. Investigation is ongoing.

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