“This sweet little guy is not Easter dinner”: James Cromwell helps save a pig from slaughter

The actor named the pig after the famous movie “Babe”

83-year-old American actor James Cromwell came across an incident that made him extremely angry. The man saved a piglet that fell of a truck on the way to get slaughtered. He named the pig Babe after the very film that inspired him go vegan. “Every pig deserves to live in peace at sanctuary”, says the actor.

Cromwell came across the animal covered with bruises and mud just before Easter. Ham is a popular Easter dish, and many piglets suffer from this. The actor posted a recording from his first meeting with the pig on Twitter.

Cromwell first greeted the pig, and in the end, repeated the same last words from the film “Babe” – “That’ll do pig. That’ll do”.

The film “Babe” was released on 1995. It is a story about a piglet who escapes becoming a Christmas dinner.  Cromwell plays the role of farmer Arthur in the film. “Babe” inspired the man to go vegan.

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