“Who said I was lost?”: After 4 years of missing cat returns home by herself as if nothing had happened

Her owner was in complete shock seeing her cat!

K Bear, the cat, went missing 4 years ago. Recently she has finally returned home all by herself, acting as if nothing strange has happened. Sharon Fisher, her owner, was in shock seeing her missing cat back home. It turned out, that the cat had been living on the streets of Tauranga. Several nights ago she came back to her house in Welcome Bay.

“It was still dark outside, and I heard meowing at the front door. I opened the door and she walked in really calmly, as if nothing happened! I was actually shocked and happy. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She made me cry”, admitted Fisher.

The cat was already 16 years old. Everyone knew she liked sneaking out and wandering the streets on her own. Also, she is a “great hunter”. Then she started disappearing for days, weeks, even a year. This time her walk lasted 4 years.

“I thought she had already passed away. Who would think your cat would come back after missing for years? It’s unbelievable!”, said Fisher.

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