“The worst shelter ever!”: Woman bought the entire shelter as she couldn’t decide which dog to adopt

Every dog in the shelter was in horrible health conditions

Daniela Hopper has always cared about stray and helpless animals. The woman has visited several animal shelters throughout the world, and this was just one of them. She was used to meeting different animals in need of help.

However, she could never imagine seeing such terrible conditions in one of the nearby shelters. The shelter was in Israel. Every dog in the so-called animal shelter was in horrible health conditions and needed immediate help.

Hopper was just speechless. All of the dogs needed to be saved, so she couldn’t decided which one to put first. At that moment, Hopped decided to buy all the 250 animals from the shelter.

Most of the animals were sent to different shelters in Ontario, and some found loving families in Israel. Half of the dogs that were sent to shelters very soon managed to find families as well.

These animals have learnt how to trust and love people, as they are now surrounded with human love and care.

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