“The rejected baby became popular”: Modeling agency rejected this baby for having Down syndrome

This handsome boy is ready to show the world what Changing the Face of Beauty is really about

Nowadays, advertising campaigns are changing to reflect society in general. Recently, elderly, plus-size models, and models with various disabilities have become popular. And most part of the photos we see in magazines always go with some photo editing.

One day this loving mother decided to send some photos of her child to a children’s clothing company to introduce him as a child model. However, the management wasn’t at all interested in the child being a model. Sadly, the main reason for this was that the boy was born with Down syndrome.

Meagan Nash and her family are from Georgia, USA. Her son, Asher, was only 15 months old when Meagan came across the advertisement of the children’s clothing company looking for child models. The mother got excited and sent the photos of Asher. In fact, the toddler perfectly fit the requirements of the company. For a long time, Meagan heard not a single word from the company, so she decided to contact them herself. And the company management informed that they were not interested in children with “special needs”. 

The mother was frustrated. Of course, she understands that companies do not hire all the children, but to reject her son just because of his physical and mental state?

In complete frustration, Meagan decided to act on her own. She shared the photos of Asher on a Facebook group called Kids with Down Syndrome. The post was an instant success. 

This handsome boy is ready to show the world what Changing the Face of Beauty is really about”, added Meagan. 

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