“Watch out of these creatures!”: West Virginia’s most dangerous animals and where to find them

Having some information about them will save your life while exploring the areas.

West Virginia has a lot to offer to tourists with its beautiful places to explore. However, being alone with dangerous wild animals could be a trouble for unaware travelers.

Here is a list of the most dangerous animals found in West Virginia:

The Timber Rattlesnake

This snake was deemed State Reptile in 2008. It is believed to be deadly with a single bite. It also gives a fair warning before striking. The Timber Rattlesnake can be found in the dry and mountainous regions of the eastern part of the state.

Black Bear

Black bear is the State Animal of West Virginia. This species is generally timid, but you still need to stay away from it. There have been no confirmed black bear attack in West Virginia, but it is advised to keep your distance from this feracious creatures.

Northern Copperhead

Northern Copperhead are as venomous as timber rattlesnake and are said to bite more than any other snake in the USA. If you are traveling through rocky and wooded areas, watch out of these snakes!

Black Widow

There are only 2 venomous snakes in West Virginia, and one of them is the black widow. Black widows commonly reside in dark and dry places, such as basements and closets. Although they can be deadly dangerous, black widows rarely bite humans and are not aggressive. 


Despite their cute appearance, bobcats are dangerous nocturnal animals. Bobcats live in the woods across West Virginia. There have been a few reported bobcat attacks so far.


Coyotes first appeared in the state in the 1970s. They are adaptable creatures and easily get used to areas and food. They managed to quickly expand into forests, suburban and urban areas.

It is hardly possible to be attacked by any of these animals in West Virginia, however, having some information about them will save your life while exploring the areas.

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