“Save my brother first”: Teen drowned in the flood in Australia letting the rescuers save his brother first

Jordan’s bravery and sacrifice touched the hearts of many

The bond between siblings is an invaluable gift from God, as they share their childhood and dreams with each other. If fortunate, one may have both a brother and a sister, and the bond between them lasts a lifetime.

However, one tragic story tells of the love and sacrifice of a young boy who lost his life to save his brother. In 2011, a tidal wave hit the Australian state of Queensland, claiming several lives. Donna Rice and her two sons, Jordan and Blake, were caught in the flash floods while driving home. They managed to escape their sinking car, but the water continued to rise.

As they called for help, a passerby attempted to rescue them using a rope. When he tried to reach Jordan, who was unable to swim and terrified of water, the young boy insisted, “Save my brother first.”

Blake was saved, but sadly, Donna and Jordan were swept away by the waves and drowned. John Tyson, the boys’ father, spoke about the tragedy and praised his son’s heroism. “I can only imagine what was going on inside to give up his life to save his brother, even though he was petrified of water,” he said. “He is our little hero.”

Jordan’s bravery and sacrifice touched the hearts of many, and years later, his father received a bravery award on his behalf. Rest in peace, Jordan and Donna. You are deeply missed.

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