“Unbelievable recovery”: Woman overcame her illness with the help of her horse

She has a special connection with her horse

Rachel is a woman who cherishes her friendship with her beloved horse, Willow. After rescuing Willow, they developed a deep bond, and Rachel’s favorite activity is riding her through the countryside, the beach, and the wild. Their connection is special and important to Rachel.

When Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer, her relationship with Willow became even more significant. Willow seemed to understand that something was wrong with her owner and provided comfort and inspiration to Rachel. Spending time with her horse helped Rachel cope with the difficult chemotherapy treatment and the emotional toll of cancer.

After completing chemotherapy, Rachel immediately went to visit Willow, even though she was still ill. Living on-site with her horse became an appealing option for Rachel, as she realized the importance of having Willow in her life. Every morning, Rachel would wake up to see Willow waiting outside for her.

Rachel’s experience with cancer was life-changing, and it made her appreciate the value of her relationship with Willow even more. Despite the challenges she faced, Rachel managed to overcome them, and thanks to the support of her faithful horse, she fully recovered.

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