“12 Dogs Rescued”: Man was charged with animal cruelty

All the dogs were residing in inadequate conditions

On May 19th, an alert man in Bedford County raised concerns about a potential case of animal neglect. The man reported the sighting of a thin and injured dog freely roaming in the vicinity.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office took action and confronted the owner of the dog – Carl Jackson, regarding the welfare of the animal. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Jackson had multiple dogs under his care, all residing in inadequate conditions. Recognizing the poor living conditions, the sheriff’s office obtained a search warrant and carried out a thorough search of the property. As a result, an additional 11 dogs were rescued from the premises. These dogs were immediately transported to a local veterinary facility, where they received essential medical attention and ongoing care.

Due to evident signs of animal cruelty, Jackson is facing multiple charges that have been filed against him.

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