“Fans are Concerned”: A heated argument between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was overheard

The couple was noticed in yet another public argument

It seems that the fairy tale ending to our beloved Hollywood couple may be turning into a divorce. Rumors started circulating back in February, suggesting that things were not going as planned for the ideal duo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

The fans’ attention shifted to the actor when he appeared visibly bored as his lovely wife was overlooked at the Grammy ceremony. However, the couple managed to dispel the rumors by expressing their affection for each other in interviews, causing the speculations to die down. Unfortunately, just a few days ago, the rumors resurfaced with even more intensity.

In a viral video, Ben, clearly in a sour mood, was seen slamming the car door behind Jennifer. Such incidents seem to be far from common.

The following day, the couple engaged in yet another public argument, this time during the premiere of J. Lo’s latest movie, “Mother.” Fans of this famous duo now have a new reason to worry.

The Daily Mail recently published exclusive footage, obtained by European tourists in Beverly Hills earlier this month, showing Ben’s car at a traffic light. The video unmistakably captures a heated argument between Ben and Jennifer, with the actor using profanity and his wife displaying an annoyed expression.

Disagreements can arise in any marriage, but it appears that Bennifer has had more than their fair share. It’s worth noting that their extravagant wedding took place just over a year ago. Is the end of this beautiful tale approaching? We are reluctant to accept such a possibility.

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