“Child neglect and animal cruelty”: Couple was charged with neglecting 7 children and animal cruelty

They willingly surrendered some of the animals

Authorities in Bucks County have taken action against animal neglect in Sellersville, where a couple named Shane and Crystal Robertson resided. Animal welfare officers removed a total of two dozen animals, including a 4-foot exotic lizard named Boudin, from their mobile home. The Bucks County SPCA intervened due to the unsanitary conditions found on the premises. The animals removed from the property included 18 rats, two turtles, two rabbits, two dogs, one cat, and the Argentine Red Tegu lizard, Boudin. Crystal Robertson cooperated with the authorities and willingly surrendered the rats, rabbits, turtles, and cat to the animal welfare agency.

The Robertsons now face severe allegations of neglecting their seven children, resulting in charges of endangering the children’s welfare. The Bucks County SPCA’s intervention was part of the larger response to the overall situation. The specifics regarding the state of neglect and the condition of the animals have not been provided in detail. However, it is known that the animals were removed due to the unsanitary conditions present in the mobile home.

The Bucks County SPCA will ensure that the animals receive proper care and medical attention. The welfare of these creatures is now a priority for the organization. Meanwhile, the legal proceedings against the Robertsons will continue, with allegations of child endangerment being addressed.

Overall, this incident highlights the importance of animal welfare and the need for responsible ownership and care. It serves as a reminder that neglecting animals and endangering the well-being of children can have serious consequences. The authorities and animal welfare organizations are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of both animals and children in such cases.

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