“I can’t stand such comments!”: Jennifer Aniston rected to the comments she gets about her age

The actress continued to voice her opinion on the matter

In her interview with British Vogue, 54-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston – the star of “Friends” – expressed her dislike for an ageist compliment often directed at her. She criticized the phrase “You look great for your age,” considering it a backhanded compliment aimed at women who are considered timeless beauties. Aniston stated that this phrase bothers her and declared that a better compliment would simply be “you look great—period.”

The actress continued to voice her opinion on the matter, pointing out that society has a habit of using age as a marker and attaching expectations to it. She admitted to not fully comprehending what the phrase really means. Reflecting on her own experience, Aniston revealed that she feels stronger in her 50s than she did in her 20s, claiming to be in better shape mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Aniston also discussed her fitness routine and how it has evolved over the years. She found ways to make modern workouts more elegant yet extremely effective, contrasting them with the previously popular intense and demanding routines. Aniston emphasized the negative effects of constantly pushing the body to its limits, leading to burnout and physical breakdown. Instead, she now focuses on overall wellness and longevity, inspired by her family’s history of long lives, particularly on her father’s side.

Furthermore, Aniston shared her past experiences of subjecting herself to debilitating workout regimens, admitting that she believed she needed to do extensive cardio to achieve a satisfying workout. However, she eventually realized the negative impact it had on her body and how it led to burnout.

In summary, Jennifer Aniston expressed her disapproval of the ageist compliment “You look great for your age,” and advocated for a more inclusive and genuine compliment. She emphasized the importance of overall well-being and longevity while reflecting on her own improved state of mind and body in her 50s. Additionally, Aniston highlighted the need to avoid extreme workout routines that can harm the body and lead to physical breakdown.

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