“Battle with a tourist”: Kangaroo picks fight with a tourist at Australia wildlife park

The kangaroo just wanted to play

During a visit to Cohunu Koala Park in Australia, an American tourist and his family had an unexpected encounter with a particularly friendly kangaroo. The incident was captured on TikTok by user brooke.so.hip, who shared the humorous video with the world. The tourist’s father had stepped in to prevent the kangaroo from getting too close to a woman who seemed uncomfortable with its advances.

As the man intervened, the kangaroo shifted its attention to him, attempting to play by standing on its hind legs and throwing punches. Uncertain about how to handle the situation, the man tried to keep the kangaroo at a distance without causing harm. Despite his efforts, the determined kangaroo continued to engage in the playful brawl, even launching a kick when the man tried to restrain its arms.

The man retreated while the persistent kangaroo followed closely behind. Eventually, a stern lecture from a zookeeper caught the kangaroo’s attention, bringing an end to the unusual encounter. The zookeeper’s words immediately calmed the kangaroo, which had been dubbed a “naughty boy.”

It’s important to note that playful fighting is a natural behavior among kangaroos, helping them develop their boxing skills for adulthood. They engage in such fights to establish dominance, find mates, defend against predators, and secure access to resources. Young kangaroos, known as joeys, learn these skills from their mothers through playful fights, gradually becoming more aggressive as they grow older.

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In this particular instance, the kangaroo was merely being playful and not intentionally trying to harm the tourist. Cohunu Koala Park explained that the kangaroos often act this way, but it is all part of their playful nature. Encouraging their behavior tends to elicit more reactions from them.

It’s worth emphasizing that the man was not in distress during the encounter. On the contrary, he seemed amused by the situation. The park assured that the kangaroos wouldn’t be allowed to freely interact with visitors if they posed a threat.

Cohunu Koala Park aims to create a natural habitat for its animals and allows them to roam freely within enclosed areas. While some visitors may feel apprehensive, most enjoy interacting with the animals. In the video, the kangaroo was within an enclosed area where visitors are permitted to enter, ensuring both their safety and the animals’ well-being.

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